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Sharing Know How and experience is the best way to help the next generation of participants in the financial markets.

True Partner Education is specialized in training and education in the Asia Pacific region and China. Combining the decades of experience in an academic environment makes True Partner Education unique.

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“This is a very practical finance course that I have been looking for after my M.Sc in finance many years ago. It is beneficial to all the people who would like to work in the finance field. I highly recommend it.”

Toh Li | Vice President, Sales Asia and Middle East, Eurex AG

“Can we get some after-course reading / research paper related to HFT?” — “Perfect! Thanks!” — “Very good, need more classes like this.” — “Can you offer any other advanced courses?” — “Great class!”

Several participants | Notes in the review

“This summer course provides a hands-on approach for derivative trading, it adds tremendous value for both professionals in the finance industry as well as retail investors.”

Course: Summer Trading Course: Introduction to professional derivatives trading
Vasco van der Flier | MBA student, CUHK

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Whether it is directional or high frequency, the key to successful options trading is managing the various derivative expects of options (the ‘Greeks’). This enables traders to optimize strategies, proactively control risk and identify relative mispricings in the options market.

HFT - High-frequency trading

While in the media, HFT seems to be a collection of elusive strategies, the origins of HFT and the strategies used are actually quite down to earth. Provided the infrastructure is available, HFT is not much different from some manual trading strategies in the past, applied at a much different timescale and frequency. Insight into the requirements of HFT and the process in which HFT strategies are created is more and morea necessity in today’s market place.

Inspirational guest lectures

Some of our guest lecturers are well recognized professionals in the global financial markets who are willing to share their extensive expertise with our course participants.

Practice with Trading Games

All courses will include the use of professional trading and analysis software. The hands-on training environment will allow the participant to experience a real-time trading environment on our virtual exchange. This enables the inclusion of Trading Games (either click trading, position management or running your own algorithm) into the course curriculum.

Course offerings

While buying a stock gives you part ownership in a company or portfolio of companies (as in a fund), buying a Futures contract does not give you ownership of a commodity or product.

Retail investor course Futures & Stock Trading

  • Futures & Stock Tradings
  • Course for beginner

Exchange Architecture, Trading Architecture, Maintaining for profit, Building for profit

Trading Architectures:(DMA/Co-location /Sponsored Access)

  • Trading Architectures
  • HFT - High-frequency trading

Derivatives, be it options, futures or warrants, are flexible financial instruments that enable their user to create any desired pay-off pattern.

Introduction to Derivatives Trading

  • Derivatives Trading
  • Course for beginners

Over half a century trading knowledge

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Next to Front office trading experience, we have thorough knowledge of market access, trading platforms and network infrastructure; this expertise is crucial for achieving success in today’s market environment.

Combining over half a century of market experience, enables us to develop diversified, up to date, training programs aimed at the practice of trading. This combined with our academic partners exposes the participants to both in-depth theory and real-life trading.

Customized for your situation

Besides our pre defined expertise courses, we are able to provide tailor-made education solutions for both retail and professional market participants. We have extensive experience in presenting and lecturing for exchanges, regulators, financial institutions and universities.